How To Refill Hp Cartridge


Simple way to refill HP cartridge

Refilling HP cartridges is quite a simple task and you can also save a lot of your money instead of buying original HP cartridges every time when you run out of ink.

So, for this simple process of refilling the HP cartridges you will need these few things:

  • Bottles of ink
    Pair of plastic gloves
    Injection needles

Now, how to refill HP cartridges:

  • First, you need to insert the nozzle part of the cartridge into the refill clip.
    Now, you need to push the nozzle from the top till you hear it click into place.
    Then, fix the supplied injection on the label of the cartridge cover present on the right side.
    After that, join the ink injection needle with the ink container.
    Further, you need to insert the ink injection deep into the ink injection inlet with the needle directed towards the nozzle.
    Now, you need to pull the injection needle 5 mm backward.
    Then, inject the required amount of ink by pressing the piston of the ink container for around 20 seconds.
    Thereafter, you need to connect the supplied syringe to the rubber hole present on the bottom of the refill clip.
    Slowly, suck out the ink and remove the syringe.
    Now, remove the cartridge from the refilling clip and clean off the excess ink around the nozzle.
    Then, place the cartridge in the printer and ensure you run the head cleaning process before using it.
    After that, leave the cartridge in the printer for a minimum of 8 hours before use so that the sponge soaks up the ink properly.

Further, if you notice that your printer is not providing with the best print even after refilling the cartridge then your printer might be facing some technical faults. And in such cases, you can reach out to HP technical support to get the desired help.Though refilling your ink cartridges can help in solving a lot of money but you can also opt for the compatible cartridges which will cost some money.