How To Turn HP Printer Online


Why Does My HP Printer Say Offline?


This query often comes and here is the answer for this.

A printer will only work if it is online that means it is in working condition. In order to print a paper, the printer requires a media so that it can read from the hard drive and with print command, result is obtained. The only condition when printers do not work is when it is offline.

In order to resolve this issue that Why Does My Hp Printer Say Offline, the user needs to perform some troubleshooting steps, as mentioned below.


  • Connect to Wi-Fi network

A user needs to check whether the Wi-Fi connection is in working condition or not. The printer should be connected to the same Wi-Fi as computer. Otherwise, the print command will work some other printer which is in the same Wi-Fi connection. If the computer is not giving any option, the user can access the printer’s menu and connect to the network.


  • Connect via Ethernet

If the Wi-Fi connection is not working, an Ethernet cable can be used to connect the printer and computer. For this, one end of the cable is plugged into computer and other to the printer. Once it is connected, the computer data can be easily printed on the paper using HP printer.


  • Printer installation

It might be possible that the printer drivers are not installed in the computer that is why it is showing offline. For this, device settings are checked and Printers and Scanners is chosen. If it is not installed, it can be installed here.


If the user wants to know How To Turn HP Printer Online, below mentioned steps can be easily followed:


  • The user needs to switch on the computer which is connected to the printer. Switching on the printer is not required in this step.
  • Then, Start menu is clicked and option of Drivers and Printers is selected from the list.
  • In the next step, Hp printer is clicked in the list.
  • The offline status of printer will be there. Offline is then clicked and Printer option is selected.
  • Finally, the user needs to undo the printer offline option.

By following these steps, the printer will be again online from its offline state.


Here are few measures to avoid the offline error of printer:

  • The printer should be restarted by switching off and turning on again. It should be kept off for few minutes so that it can be rebooted properly.
  • Network connectivity is an important aspect of offline printer error. So, the device should be properly connected to the internet.
  • The user needs to assure that the account that is being used for computer to have the rights for Manage printers.
  • The latest drivers of HP printer can be downloaded from the official website.


To get more help about How To Turn Printer Online or any other issue, technical support of HP printer can be contacted. The technical executives in the customer service will serve the users with best assistance related to HP printers. They can be contacted by dialing the phone number, writing an email or using live chat support. All the contact details are easily available on the HP website.