How To Install Hp Printer

Check Out the Steps How to Install Hp Printer

HP printers are the commonly used printers across the world. There is a large variety of printers which vary according to the configurations.

If a user has purchased a new HP printer and do not have any idea about installation, then few steps are followed for the same. To know How to Install HP Printer, a user has to follow the below mentioned steps:



In the first step, the user is required to connect the HP printer to computer. It can be done by following methods:

  • A printer can be connected to the computer via USB cable.
  1. For this, the computer and HP printer needs to be turned on.
  2. After that, a USB cable is used to connect the USB ports of printer and computer.
  • Another way to connect the devices is Wireless connection and for this the printer should also support wireless connection.
  1. For this, the first step is to turn on HP printer, computer and router.
  2. Then, the Ethernet and USB cables are removed from printer. After that, the user needs to make sure that computer and printer are connected to same wireless network.
  3. Finally, the HP printer control panel is visited, then go to Setup, Network or wireless and lastly Wireless setup wizard whose instructions are followed.
  • One more way to connect is using a wired connection.
  1. In this, the user needs to turn on the HP printer.
  2. From the Ethernet port of the printer, cable is removed.
  3. In the next step, an Ethernet cable is used to connect the printer and router.



  • In order to install the printer driver for your HP printer, the user needs to insert the CD which was provided with HP printer. After that, the setup application usually with .exe extension needs to be run for completing the installation of HP printer driver.
  • If the user has lost the CD or it is not working, then the drivers could be searched on the official website of HP as the entire HP printer software applications are available there.



  • Once the drivers are installed, the user can try printing a test paper to check the working of HP printer. The steps to print a paper are mentioned below:
  • The user needs to press the Windows key and R simultaneously. It will open the Run dialog box, then Control is typed and Enter is pressed in order to open the control panel.
  • Then, to view HP printer, Devices and Printers is clicked.
  • The printer is selected in the list and then by right-clicking, printer properties is selected.
  • When the window is popped up, the user needs to click on Printer Test page.
  • If a paper gets printed, it means the user has correctly followed the guide on How to Install Hp Printer.


Hp Printer Customer Service Phone Number

To get more help on the HP printer regarding its services configurations or to know How to Get Hp Printer Online, you need to contact the technical experts on Hp Printer Customer Service Phone Number 1-888-324-9912. The technical executives serve their users with the best possible assistance by providing practical solution for the queries. The contact info by which they can be reached is available on the official website of HP.